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Castle Phoenix HV-85 Brushless Motor Control
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Price : USD$ 209.95
Price : USD$ 178.46
Model : HV-85
Manufacturer : Castle Creations
Shipping Weight : 0.00 g.
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Product Information
The Phoenix HV-85 has the power handling capability for just about anything you can put into the sky! With a total ability of over 4,000 watts (that's 5 horsepower!), The Phoenix HV-85 is right at home in all quarter and giant scale fixed wing aircraft, and large helicopters alike. Our factory pilot Dan Landis has one as his secret weapon for this season's FAI pattern competition, including the Nats in Muncie. Compare the price, size, and capability of the Phoenix HV-85 to the competition, and you'll understand the Castle Creations advantage. Top competition F3A, giant scale aerobatics, and large helicopters - The Phoenix HV-85 does it all, and keeps it's cool while flowing the power !


Volts w/BECNo BEC
Volts NO BEC50 MAX
Lipo Cells w/BECNo BEC
Lipo Cells NO BEC12S MAX
NiCad or NiMh Cells w/BECNo BEC
NiCad or NiMh Cells NO BEC36 MAX
BECNone (dual opto-coupled)
Continuous85 amps
Minimum Cells12 cells NiMH/NiCad or 4s LiPo
Switching RateProgrammable
(13, 26, or 52KHz)
Resistance0.0015 ohms
ReversibleYes - change any two wires
Low Voltage
Size1.55 x 2.8 x 1.0"
4.2 oz. (119g)
Connector TypeUniversal

All Phoenix HV speed controls feature:
  • Safe "Power On"
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Tough surface mount construction
  • Audible Arming Signal
  • Auto Motor cut-off with reset
  • Low torque "Soft Start": protects gear boxes and belt drives from shock
  • Smooth reverse exponential throttle
  • Self-calibrating endpoints: maximizes usable stick travel
  • Auto shut-down when signal is lost
  • Simple setup: no complicated switches or wiring

For NeuMotor's 11XX, 15XX and 22XX series of motors are all 4 pole designs. 19XX  series are 8 poles and the 44XX series are 12 poles. Use low or medium advance settings for “Y” wind motors and low advance settings for “D” wind versions.

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