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70A DC Watt Meter
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Price : USD$ 48.95
Model : 70A Watt Meter
Manufacturer : AirPower Models
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AirPower 70A Watt Meter - Power Analyser.
Without a watt-meter, one has to simply guess or estimate whats going on with your models power set-up. This trial and error approach can rob performance and duration and will almost certainly DAMAGE COMPONENTS, (or worse)

Experienced E-Flyers know that you can't get top safe, performance from your set-up without the accurate information a watt-meter provides.

Takes all the guess work out of setting your power train up. Ensuring your system is set up correctly means you get the very best from your Motor, ESC's and Battery Packs.

AirPower 70A Watt Meter Features:
• 70A continuous, 100A max,
• 2.0 - 50 VDC
• Displays amp, volt, watt, & mAh,
• Dimensions: 4.0 x 2.2 x 0.9 in,
• Weight: 3.6oz. 

Very easy to use! simply plug in between your battery and ESC to measure all the above parameters. Removes the guess work and allows you to get the very best performance from your equipment.

"A watt meter is a must for every electric flyer"

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