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AirPower 11.1V-4200mAh-3S2P-20C Hi Rate Lithium Polymer Battery
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Price : USD$ 152.80
Model : AP11420-20C
Manufacturer : AirPower Models
Shipping Weight : 386.00 g.
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AirPower 20C Range 4200mAh 3S2P 11.1V. 20C constant discharge(84A) 28C Bursts(117.60A). Fully compatible with AirPower Li-Po charger. Suitable for small and light weight & high power applications such as Park-Fly, GWS kits etc.
• Dimensions - 210mm(L) x 35mm(W) x 27mm(H)
• Weight - 386g

The AirPower Li-Po 20C Range is a unique range of products with technology that allows a genuine continuous 20C discharge current with 28C bursts. High discharge Lithium-Polymer has always been a challenge when used in the electric flight market as the demands are very high. AirPower Lithium Polymer has broken the boundaries with the New 20C range and this means that high current applications are no longer a threat to the progress of the technology. The internal resistance of the cells being lower than ever before, the voltage held under load is a lot higher and this in turn makes the current flow out of the pack more freely.
• 20C constant and 28C burst capabilities bring more power to all types of model.
• Exceptional voltage held under load (3.5V under 10C load) gives more all round power to weight ratios than ever before.
• Wired for easy connection to AirPower Li-Po Charger for a completely integrated state of the art cell balancing system unlike anything on the market today.
• Use with correctly specified Li-poly chargers that recognize cell count. (Examples: Orbit Microlader Pro, Schulze, Sirius Charge Lithium and Astro Flight Lithium Chargers)
• Selected silicon wire-no connectors, with Balance Charge wire harness,

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