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EAGLE TREE MicroPower V2 E-Logger
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Price : USD$ 69.95
Model : ET-V2EL
Manufacturer : AirPower Models
Shipping Weight : 17.00 g.
Quantity :
Product Information

● The USB MicroPower E-Logger is an economic and practical data recorder. It applies to Electric Planes, Helis, Cars, Boats or other models. Software computes Wattage, mAH, etc. for complete e-flight data. Supports USB Live Mode, which lets you see what's happening in the model LIVE on the bench, on your PC. Powerful Graphing software has advanced charting features, such as amps vs volts. You can connect PowerPanel super lightweight LCD Display module to your MicroPower! This ultra thin LCD display connects to the MicroPower with the included 11" data cable, and lets you get your max and live data displayed without a PC. The display is fully programmable to show you your live and max Voltage, Amperage, Temperatures, RPM, mAH used, and more! Since you can know your mAH after your session, you know approximately how much juice is left in your pack!
● The MicroPower system comes with everything you need to log current and voltage, right out of the box (logger, USB cable, CD, manual).
● Through the website to update to the Windows software.


● Voltage Measurement:DC 0-45V
● Current Measurement:DC 0-100A
● Units of Measure supported:English and Metric
● Use for Win 98SE/ME/2000/XP
● Supports simultaneous Temp and RPM sensors, or two Temps
● Adjustable logging rate (1-10 samples/second)
● Weight : 17g

● MicroPower E-loggerx1
● Windows CDx1
● USB Cablex1
● Eagle Tree stickerx1
Note : This package is not including Temperature/ RPM Sensors (optional).

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