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AirPower RA-250 Main and Nose Retract only
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Price : USD$ 167.00
Price : USD$ 134.95
Model : RA-250
Manufacturer : AirPower Models
Shipping Weight : 202.00 g.
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AirPower Models is pleased to present their all new retract units. AirPower’s RA-250 retract offers an ultra low profile that is only 27mm in height.  This retract is able to take a 7/16" diameter Strut. Also available is a standard gear wire in 3/16" for Main Gears. This Retract is constructed out of high quality aircraft grade 6061-T6 & 7075 aluminum. The RA-250 Retracts is designed to replace other manufacturers retract systems and are the strongest retractable landing gear in the industry for this size.

● Any 7/16"(11.1mm) Struts could be install with RA-250 Mini Air


● Reversible Trunion
● There is adapter for  RA-250  when using wire struts.
● RA-250 could be install in 90mm & 120mm EDF class 
   or any weight below 9 Kg  (20lb) plane. 
● Trunion is made by 7075 advanced aviation aluminium material.



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