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Handibond thin CA glue 1/2 Oz
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Price : USD$ 2.86
Model : HB-10505
Manufacturer : Handibond
Shipping Weight : 14.20 g.
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Product Information

Handibond THIN cyanoacrylate adhesive bonds instantly. It is formulated with a water thin viscosity and fast curing speed that is often required for time sensitive projects. Handibond THIN is able to achieve good penetration into hairline gaps due to its thin viscosity, and it is able to form a deep bond from the inside out. Handibond THIN is also a perfect wood putty replacent when combined with sawdust. The advantage of the cured THIN and sawdust combination is that it sets fast and is completely sandable.

  • ¬†Fast cure speed (3-5 seconds)
  • Repairs hairline cracks with penetrating characteristics
  • Applications: rubber, metals, balsa, plywood, plastics, cracked marble, hairline gap filling, wood putty replacement when combined with sawdust

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