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Handibond Rubber Toughened 1/2 Oz (clear color)
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Price : USD$ 4.86
Model : HB-68305
Manufacturer : Handibond
Shipping Weight : 14.20 g.
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Product Information

Handibond RUBBER TOUGHENED cyanoacrylate is a medium viscosity, flexible and shock-absorbing adhesive. This specially fromulated adhesive with added rubber provides the power of flexibility and strong shock absorption. Handibond produces both the traditional black color and the unique clear RUBBER TOUGHENED, which most companies are unable to produce. The Handibond RUBBER TOUGHENED cyanoacrylate adheesive bonds metals, rubber, and fiberglass and is ideal for bonding R/C car tires/rims. It is also ideal for the materials used to build high-end turbine/ducted fan model jets.

  • Shock absorption and flexibility
  • Both clear and black colors available
  • Excellent for R/C car tires/rims, speakers, electric motor assembly
  • Applications: rubber, fiberglass, metals, bonding R/C car tires/rims, large scale ARF airplanes and all canopies, and the materials(plywood to fiberglass) commmonly associated with ducted fan/turbine model jets

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