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AirPower RA-210 Main and Nose Retract only - 40 lb
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Price : USD$ 225.00
Model : RA-210
Manufacturer : AirPower Models
Shipping Weight : 0.00 g.
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Product Information

AirPower Models are pleased to present their all new retract units. Made from Anodised aluminium these units feature air up and air down operation and are intended to use in models from 15lbs up to 40 lbs in weight. Specifically designed to be retro fitted in many of today's sport models these units are able to withstand operation from grass and tarmac fields. The main pivot block is made from high quality 7075 aluminium and machined to accept a ½" oleo strut. Retained in a clamp type mount that ensures a secure fixing with less chance of the leg rotating.

The pivot pin is deliberately oversized in a effort to make all three units more rugged. The nose retract come as standard with the steering mechanism pre fitted as well as the straightening spring, although this can easily be removed and replaced with a ½ inch leg fitted. They are available as singular units or as a complete kit.

● RA-210 retracts accept a ½" strut.
● RA-210 Series retracts are rated for up to 40 lbs.
● Reversible 7075 trunion

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