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XPS 2.4GHz JR combo pack w/8 channel receiver
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Price : USD$ 189.00
Model : xps-cpj2-8
Manufacturer : Xtreme Power System
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XtremeLink™ 2.4Ghz JR combo package.

Known compatible JR radios: 347, 388, 783, U8, 10S, 10SX, 10X, 10IIs, 8103, 9303, MX-22, and MX-24s.

Note: other radios may be compatible if the module size/shape is the same.

Comes with one XtremeLink™ 2.4GHz transmitter module for Futaba and Hitec radios, and one XtremeLink™ 2.4GHz 8 channel receiver.

Manual >>Xtremelink 2.4G Manusl

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