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XPS XtremeLink™ Device Programmer
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Price : USD$ 39.95
Model : xps-xdp1
Manufacturer : Xtreme Power System
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This device and software allows you to wirelessly change the settings of XtremeLink™ receivers and transmitter module! It also allows you to update the firmware of receivers and transmitter modules for those units that are infield upgradable*.

Software is available for download from our website in the DOWNLOADS section.

Requires a USB type A to mini-b cable (commonly used with cell phones and digital cameras). This cable can be selected below.

Applications for RxDiag, TxDiag, Device Programmer, and spectrum analyzer are currently available. Future applications such as support for flight simulators will be released in the future.

Detailed information can be found on our XDP support page. Click Here

* Only in-field upgradable units can have their firmware updated with this device. All units not capable of in-field updates can not be made to allow in-field updates. In these cases, new hardware is required.

Manual >>Xtremelink 2.4G Manusl

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