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AirPower Precision Magnetic Balancer
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Price : USD$ 22.00
Model : PMB-001
Manufacturer : AirPower Models
Shipping Weight : 230.00 g.
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AirPower's magnetic propeller balancer creates the industry standard to balance your aircraft or boat propeller.  You will also be able to balance many other parts that are used in the hobby industry such as spinner back plates, car wheels and tires, prop nuts...etc.

Precision ground balancing shaft held between four super powerful Neodym magnet allows the shaft to "float" for maximum sensitivity.  It is very easy and inexpensive to use; essential for every modeller!  A balanced propeller can reduce propeller vibration, therefore, reduce engine or motor wear and prevents dangerous structure failure and damage.  AirPower's Precision Magnetic Balancer can be used anywhere; sturdy enough for the workbench yet portable enough for the filed.  Made of high grade 6061 aluminium and nickel plated carbon steel.  Many other thing can also be balanced by using AirPower's Magnetic Balancer; such as boat propellers, car wheels and tires, ducted fan blades, spinners and spinner back plates, nose weight, prop nuts...etc.


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